ImageHause Introduces Personality-Based Approach To Discovering Brand Identity


(Minneapolis, MN)—ImageHause, a premier Minnesota-based design and branding agency, is announcing the introduction of their unique personality-based approach to helping companies discover their own brand identity. This approach is aimed at helping business owners gain an understanding of how to best steward their brand for maximum impact on their target audience. Those who would like to learn more about this approach or see how it has helped other companies boost their brands should visit

Jay Miller, creative director at IMAGEHAUS, commented “While conventional branding wisdom tells businesspeople that they are the sole owners of their brand, we take the opposite stance. Businesses don’t own their brand – the public does. Business owners are simply playing the role of brand stewards who are helping to steer the public perception of their brand in the right direction. We use what we call a DNA-based approach to help business owners discover the essence of their brand and take control of as many aspects of it as possible in order to influence the beliefs and behaviors of their target audience.”

For the team at IMAGEHAUS, this DNA-based approach begins with a lot of listening. They have open, honest discussions with business owners in order to understand their brands and their needs. Then, they conduct a thorough examination of the brand. In this phase of the process, they define the brand’s audience and seek to understand their perceptions, behaviors, and responses. ImageHause’s branding professionals use this information to pinpoint the brand’s personality, and they use that personality as a foundation on which design ideas are created.

As Miller goes on to say, “The thought leadership that we bring to the table is our firm’s single greatest asset. It’s what makes the difference between business owners who try to sell their product to a customer and those who have raving fans who already believe in their product. We love our approach because we have found it to be the best for creating strong brands that present consistent messages that are relevant for now and can continue to evolve well into the future.”

About ImageHaus:

The team at ImageHause creates and energizes brands that deliver impact. Their work is guided by a simple principle: The client is at the center of their own brand. ImageHaus has a unique and highly collaborative discovery tool that helps to dig deep into the identity of their company. The ImageHause approach brings clarity to the creative process and offers an intuitive understanding of a brand’s personality and how to bring it to life.