Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Chris asks…

What is the best place to start learning about Internet Marketing?

I have a friend that wants to get started in internet marketing. I’m looking for a great place to send him. Any Ideas?

Annual Income answers:


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William asks…

I want to get started in SEO where do I start. Can anyone point me in the right direction.?

I’m currently a marketing major in college. I’m want to get started in Internet marketing, SEO, and SEM. I’ve been reading everything I can of those subjects, plus google analytic.

Annual Income answers:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now-a-days covers quite a range of items that your website will need.

First of all there is no single item that will do the trick. Its a combination of of various pieces to the puzzle. Part of it lies within your website and the other part you can call an “outreach” program by getting your links onto other websites (e.g. Blogs, social bookmarks, forums, press releases, etc)

Outside of that you also are missing a DocType in your HTML code. Take a look here:

While you’re at the W3C take a look at your validation errors too:

We have an article that we wrote you can read here:

Also, touch base with Webmaster forums for more information like the following three:

Also, here is another good resource:

One last thing. You will need to get into the process of generator a sitemap of your website regularly as a sitemap.xml file. You can read more about this at created by Google, Yahoo and MSN and you will need a sitemap generator at You can then submit your sitemaps to the search engines in their respective areas.

Learn about Link Popularity, Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Keyword Density

Hope this helps

Richard asks…

what internet marketing course do you recommend?

I’m trying to get started in internet marketing and would like some recommended courses or advice from experienced people in this field already.

Annual Income answers:

I’d personally recommend getting help and advice from other experienced online marketers on a regular basis instead of depending on ebooks and tips that can only get you so far (if they get you anywhere at all). Having been where you were once before I know how is it to struggle to make a profit online and worrying about wasting your money.

Some advice I would give you is to never stop testing methods and never give up. Once you find the right niche and learn to market it right you’ll start to get the hang of things then you’ll really start to earn money.

Paul asks…

How do people get rich through internet marketing?

I always hear about how some guy that never went to college became filthy rich through internet marketing.

But I can never find any solid information about what they did.

I know what internet marketing is, but what is the best way to get started?

What exactly did these people do that made them a lot of money?

I already have a BS in Computer Science and am quite familiar with HTML, XML, and CSS.

Annual Income answers:

I found out that these guys that “get rich” by figuring out how to get traffic to whatever site you have that you are either selling something of your own or and affiliate product. They figure out what simply works. There is NOT one “secret method”, which every guru is trying to sell you for $997..

I came across someone who had success with their online business and retired at 40.. He started sharing what he and every other successful online business person does.. And I can genuinely tell you it helped me to see how I can seriously be successful myself online. There is VALUE in his info not HYPE..

You can check the videos out for FREE

Joseph asks…

How can I make good money on the Internet?

I want to get involved in the world of Internet marketing… I’m talking SEO, CPA, and the like. How do I get started? What do I need to have?

Annual Income answers:

You can work in the This is the good site to work in the internet.

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